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Hi I Recently Had Breast Recontruction What Cup Size is a 600 Cc?

recently had breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. i wanted to know what cup size is a style 45 600 cc of Natrelle thanks

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Cup size and implants


It is difficult to determine final cup size with a given implant volume. SInce you have implants now, it is best to go to a good bra store and get sized properly. Every bra company is different, and therefore each company may put you into a slightly different cup.

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Cup size and implants.


This is a difficult question to answer because of 2 factors: Cup size is not a standard measurements between bra makers and the cup size is dependent upon your chest wall (ie a 32 D resembles a 36 B). The 600cc style 45 is the narrowest implant with the most projection. Typically used for women with thinner frames who wish their breast reconstruction to be on the larger size. The best way to find out your appropriate bra is to visit the mastectomy department of Nordstroms (or other larger department store) and to be fitted. In some instances, insurance may even cover some of the costs of your bras.

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Cup size with 600cc implant


A patient's final bra cup size is determined by the size of the implant, the patients chest circumference, and the amount of soft tissue present.  A 600cc implant can make a petite patient a D or DD, while it might make a larger framed patient a B or C.  Patients can be measured either by their plastic surgeon or at a bra store to determine their final cup size.

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Volume doesn't determine cupsize


Dear Karen,  I am glad to hear you are recovering and wish you a speedy recovery from your surgeries.  The fact is that the size is just that - a measure of the volume of the implant.   If you are 5'1" and 100 pounds, a 600cc implant will make you a DD or bigger.  On the other hand, if you are 5'10" and 180 pounds it may make you a c cup.  Speak to your plastic surgeon to help you dteremine sizing.  I prefer to use the base diameter and projection to help me determine the sizing of the implant.  Good luck and to future good health.  Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

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Breast Size After Breast Reconstruction?


After undergoing a mastectomy and needing  breast reconstruction for breast cancer, a vary common question posed by patients is what breast size will I be afterwards.  Unfortunately, there is no real way to know what breast cup size a patient is until they try on bras afterwards. The implants used for breast reconstruction ( or augmentation) do not correspond to cup sizes.  They are simply cubic centimeter measurements.  So much of a patient's breast size afterwards not only depends on the volume of the breast, but also their height, weight, frame size, etc.  A 600cc style 45 gel implant may be a D cup on one patient, while a C cup on another.  In general, If a patient has had a tissue expander in place to begin with right after the mastectomy, then that is used as a guid to where the patient wants to be.  The expander is expanded until the patient likes the size, and then an implant that matches those dimensions is utilized.  It is not important what the bra measurement says you are, since thre is no standard or measurement.  Whether you are an A cup or a DDD cup should not matter as long as you are happy with the size.  I hope this helps.

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