Do all Plastic Surgery Treatments Require a lot of Upkeep?

I read women have to get their breast implants replace every 15 years. People have to get their veneers replace every 10-20 years. For example, let say I had a Brazilian Butt Lift (which includes liposuction), do I have to keep up or retouch my butt every 15 years? Do I constantly have to fear wrinkling, ripples, or uneven weight gain due to the liposuction. Do I have to keep up with the liposuction procedures if I want my results (like every time I gain weight or every 5 years) to be maintain?

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Up keep after plastic surgery

The answer to your questions involve many factors such as your genetic composition your health and diet to mention a few. We are constantly aging and so maintaining and up keeping is nesecery if you would want to keep yourself looking the best appropriately to your age!


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Upkeep to Plastic Surgery?

No not at all. If you gain weight you are going to get fat. No surprise there. If you gain & lose a lot you are going to get wrinkles.  Don't do it. Lipo doesn't make you gain weight and fat transfers are permanent after 3 months post transfer.

Only gel breast implants placed before 1990 need to be replaced. Those made after 1990 are good for life. Saline implants have a 3-4% leakage rate but 96% are good for life. Many plastic surgery patients find a new life that wouldn't have been possible without it. Take care of your teeth too!     Dr Foster

Lawrence Foster, MD (retired)
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Plastic surgery upkeep?

The body constantly changes, and things change differently based upon genetics,  and weight fluctuations to name a few.  It is hard to say what you may need "down the road" was you age.

Steven Wallach, MD
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