Do They Have to Remove Your Belly Button for Insurance to Cover a Panniculectomy? (photo)

Years ago after loosing all my weight, my weight loss doc came to me about having the panniculectomy. He informed me & my husband that insurance would not cover it if I wanted to keep my bellybutton. For it to be cut around & repositioned would be considered plastic surgery & it would not be covered.I believed him & aloud him to do the surgery. But with all the info I have gotten since then, I think he lied to me to get the surgery money.I cry all the time & hate the way I look,BUTCHERED. = (

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Removal of belly button for insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage is variable. each carrier has very specific criteria like documented rashes and open sores for a certain period of time, attempts at weight loss etc.. Nothing to do with belly button. Insurance definetly wont cover tummy tuck which is tightenng of your core.

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Panniculectomy, belly button removal, and insurance coverage

A belly button doesn't necessarily have to be removed in a panniculectomy; however, it may be removed if it poses some type of a problem.  Insurance coverage for a panniculectomy may vary depending on the individual insurance company's policies.  Best wishes.

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