How to Pick the Right Plastic Surgeon?

I would like to know what you as Doctors would recommend one of your family members to do when looking for a PS. How many consultations should they go on before choosing? What should they expect when going into a consult? Do you recommend going in for 2nd consults with the same PS's? How to know when expectations are too hgih? I've been on 5 consults and thinking about going in for 2ns consults with all of them again; maybe my expectations are too high. How would you go about finding a PS?Thanks

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Finding the right Plastic Surgeon


You have already been to five plastic surgeons, it seems that none of them have given you the answers that you are looking for in order to choose one to perform the surgery you want, it is the ethical duty of any plastic surgeon to give you a realistic outlook on the result. If after five consultations none have offered you what you want, it is certainly possible that your expectations may be unrealistic. If you still want surgery and have altered your expectations a second set of consultations may be warranted.

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Deciding On The Best Plastic Surgeon.


First of all you should get on the Internet and see if the surgeon of choice is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. There are cosmetic surgeons that have boards in cosmetic plastic surgery but that is not the same as a board certified plastic surgeon. If there are any patients that have been done by him, you may want to ask for references from this physician and always get a 2nd consult.

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Choosing a plastic surgeon


There are many answers to this question with well thought out responses if you just "search" for them on RS.  So I won't repeat all of that.  I will say that if you have seen well-qualified real board certified plastic surgeons and after 5 of them have not yet found the "right one" going back for second visits will not likely be beneficial.  You need to be sure you are going to the best only and if these aren't helping you decide to have surgery, then either your expectations might need readjusting or maybe your inner voice is trying to tell you not to do anything.  Best to listen if that is the case.

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