At-Home Zoom Whitening Trays - Additional Cost?

when i have paid to have zoom whitening and the dentist recommends home tray treatment as well, do i have to pay for that as well ?

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At home whitening after Zoom

Zoom is basically a 2 week jump start treatment that requires maintenance.  Maintenance is gotten from take home trays.  Without trays the color will start to go back after 6-8 weeks.  It is recommended to use a combination to get the best results.  Office policies differ whether they are included in the price.  Check with your dentist to see if they include them in the cost of the treatment.

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Zoom PLUS at-home whitening

Each dentist & their team have specific systems for whitening, so you will have to ask this question to wherever you might be seeking treatment.  In our office, every patient who does ZOOM whitening, does receive custom trays for future at-home whitening.  In addition, these custom trays hold a desensitizing solution which we recommend to be used immediately after the ZOOM treatment.  

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Do I have to Pay for At-Home Trays with Zoom WHitening?

The answer is it depends...

In our office we have cosmetic dentistry patients who fall into two different Zoom whitening categories.

One group wants to just get in and get it done. They don't want to tinker with trays at home, or they want to do whitening before a big event and just want to do it quickly. For these patients we typically don't want trays and they are not necessary for Zoom.

The other group wants to get a really nice result and wants to have the ability to re-whiten or touch up at home whenever they want. For those patients make trays. There is a different cost, but we always talk about the option up front, so they don't have any cost surprises.

As with all procedures, you have a choice and the choice also affects the final results. Make sure to discuss what sort of result you want from your cosmetic dentist.

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