Non Surgical Nose Job to Raise Hook Nose Tip?

I'm not please with my nose tip (I have hook nose) and was wandering if a Non surgical nose procedure will be the right chose since is only to raise the tip of the nose and a surgical procedure is way too expensive. Can a non surgical procedure be effective in this procedure? Please advice Thanks

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Non-surgical Nose job or rhinoplasty

There are a variety of fillers available for non-surgical rhinoplasty and the illusion of a lifted tip can be created using precise placement o fthe fillers to simulate the desired result. See the attached video for sample results.

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"Hook Nose"

Without seeing your specific situation, I can't say for certain which would be the best option for you. I will say however that I see many patients with self-described "hook noses" and when I add a filler like Radiesse to the top of the tip, it "raises" the tip and creates the illusion of a straighter, less curved nasal tip. I suggest looking at some of my before and after photos and deciding if you fit the criteria that they did. 

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