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Cost of Veneers and Implants?

I need MAJOR dental work, Because of my budget I may have to fix my teeth in quadrants. can any one tell me roughly a ballpark figure of my starting point. veneers on top teeth 4 & 5, & 7-11 with an implant or MDI on canine #6? I need this done first, then bleaching on bottom teeth 19-29 the cost to follow up next year with veneers on 19-29 following with MDI or implants on teeth 1-3 , 12-15 & implants 30-32. i live in the NNJ/NYC Area. Looking forward.

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Here, porcelain veneers have a cost of $450 US each, and dental implants (Brands such as Straumann) at $990 US. I do not believe in placing a single MDI for a canine, I believe MDI's are better for the Snap On Dentures, however it could work well for you, but instead a MDI i would use a traditional implant. Good luck!

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Costs vary widely depending on location and quality/care of doctors

Rural Montana will be much less expensive than NYC. Even in your own city the fees can very depending on the doctor's experience and experteese. A high volume office will charge less but you will get less attention to detail. A low volume office will cost more but usually you will get better care and  quality.

Veneers range from $900 to over $2000 per tooth. Implants can vary from $3000 to $5000 per tooth including the surgery. Lots depends on the need for bone or gum grafting and on what tooth. I charge more for a front tooth than a back tooth.

If by MDI you are refering to mini implants, I would NOT do that. Particularly for #6. These have been used as temporary implants or to add retention to full dentures. They have a high failure rate. The #6 canine tooth is a tooth that will get lots of lateral forces and you need a strong full size implant. Same goes to teeth 1-3. These are molars and they receive all the chewing force. BTW, #1 is a wisdom tooth and this does not need to be replaced. I would maybe get a second opinion regarding your treatment.

Good luck

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Cost of Veneers and Implants

Costs vary widely depending on the experience and expertise of the doctor. Implants can run $3000-$6000 per tooth, and Porcelain Veneers $1500-2500 per tooth.

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