Can I get nipple piercing after getting breast implants..under the muscle?

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You should discuss this with your PS.  You can do anything you want but you are exposing yourself to the risk of infection (and possible implant loss).

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Can I get nipple piercing after getting breast implants..under the muscle?

Yes, you can have your nipples pierced after breast augmentation surgery. Of course, you will be exposing yourself to risk of infection… Be very careful who does the piercing for you. Best wishes.

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Piercing after breast augmentation.

Piercing should be fine just wait a few weeks after the surgery at least but otherwise should be fine. Some surgeons may also provide the piercing for you under a more sterile process as long as you provide the rings. I know that sounds strange but we have that request all the time from our patients as they are trying to do everything to protect the implants. I would check with your Plastic Surgeon.

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Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing should be ok once you have healed from the breast augmentation. You can also check with your surgeon. Good luck.

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It Should Be Safe

The danger of piercing is a spread of an infection down the breast ducts to the implant.The pectoralis muscle protects most of the implant, but not all of it from contact with the breast gland. So you most likely will be OK, but there is an increased chance of an infection spreading to your implant. The safest choice would be no, don't do it, but if you must have the piercing look, you must accept the increased risk.

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Do not do nipple piercing after breast implants

Thank you for your important question. I have seen 1 terrible, serious breast infection in a patient who had nipple piercing after she had breast augmentation. My suspicion, although she was not my breast augmentation patient, is that infection from the piercing traveled down into her breast gland. She lost her breast implants and was very very seriously ill.

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