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Which treatment could help me? Velashape or Thermage/Titan? (Photo)

What is a better solution thermage Velashape I am a bikini competitor and in great shape. My problem area is stomach it needs to look tighter. I had a tummy tuck 5 years ago since then I had a c section which the scar is horrible and lost about 15lbs. My skin is just wrinkled and a bit loose. What can I do to tighten it more.

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V-Shape will tighten the skin

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Thank you for posting a photo. I recommend learning more about V-Shape; this new laser will accelerate your metabolism for releasing fat while tightening the skin and improving its texture. Consult with your doctor to decide which procedure is best for you.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Abdominal scar and wrinkles

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The picture you provide represents a wide scar and wrinkling of lower abdomen due to skin excess. You have had many changes, including rapid weight gain requiring abdominoplasty and subsequent pregnancy, C-section and further weight loss. Given that you are a "bikini competitor" you may want to consider scar revision surgery. The scar is too wide and the skin too wrinkles for any non-surgical treatment to be effective and lasting in a meaningful way. 

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Brookline Facial Plastic Surgeon
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