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Estimated Cost of Neck Lift for Neck Bands and Loose Skin?

I have loose neck bands and loose skin. Could someone give me an estimate of how much my Neck Lift would cost considering my appearance?

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Neck lifts are about $6,000 but do not address loose skin


After reviewing the photograph, it is apparent that excess skin and anterior platysmal bands are present. A neck lift alone will not address excess skin of the neck. A lower face/neck lift would be more appropriate to properly address the excess skin, minimal amount of fat that is present, in addition to tightening the anterior platysmal bands. The cost of a lower face/neck lift is $11,000 and $6,000 for a neck lift, which includes anesthesia and operating room fees. A neck lift alone will only address the neck bands and any fat above or below the platysma muscle.

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Neck Lift in Midwest US: $5000-$7000


The cost of neck lift varies significantly and is dependent upon a multitude of variables. It’s important to understand these variables and how they contribute to any fee quote that you may receive. For instance, does the fee quote include the surgeon’s fee, facility fees and anesthesia or just the surgeon’s fee? It’s also crucial to understand the surgeon’s revisional surgery policy. In other words, if additional surgery is necessary, who pays for it?

                  In the Midwestern United States, the fees for a neck lift with anesthesia and facility fees included typically ranges between $5,000 and $7,000. When combined with brow lift, facelift and upper and lower blepharoplasty, the fees typically range between $9,000 and $12,000.

                  It’s very important that the patient have a thorough understanding of these issues. If you have questions, make sure you get them answered. Most surgeons are happy to have these discussions. 

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Neck lift cost


The fee for a neck lift varies and in NYC may runa bout $8000-$10000.  Most patients taht are candidates for a neck lift often need a facelift.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of a Neck Lift


The picture is a help and points out several things that you should be aware of. Okay I understand that the truth hurts but knowledge is powerful and will help you in the long run. The first thing that I appreciate are your pronounced nasolabial folds (just making observations first). Next are the corners of your mouth. The left corner is neutral or beginning to turn downward-a clear indication of aging. The corners are turning down to the marionette lines-which are mild. There is the start of mild jowling in the picture. Before we move to the neck I feel that you definitely are deficient in facial fat in the midface/cheek region. Okay as we move to the neck we immediately notice the platysmal bands and the slight excess in skin. So what do we do?

If you want one surgery now that will correct all of these problems (because if you correct only the neck you'll notice everything else) I would recommend a MACS lift or even extended SMAS with plication or repair of the platysma muscle. Most surgeries that address the SMAS in all of these issues would give you an excellent, long lasting result. So don't just go for the obvious, the neck, go for a surgery that will address everything.

Christopher L. Hess, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of neck lift.



In New York City, we charge $8000 for a neck lift, including the cost of the operating room and the anesthesia.  It is less in the rest of the country.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Necklift Cost


I charge $4000.00 for the neck lift. Then there is cost for using a facility like surgery center and the anesthesiologist's fee. All that combined can come to around $7000.00


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The average cost for the “mini neck-lift” or “neck-tuck” is $3,500 and for a full neck-lift including lower face-lift is $7,000,, which includes physician's fee,  twilight anesthesia and facility.  Best regards

Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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