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Neck Fat w/ Chin Tilted Down

26yr male in very athletic shape. I have a attractive proportional face, however when I tilt my head down, even just a bit,neck fat starts to gather and is horrible. My family has a history of "fatty necks". Looking straight on I have very little chin fat. I have a solid chin correctly postioned to my forehead. Also, my neck meets my face with only slight disclosure of my jawline, and is amplified with "neck fat" as I tilt down my head. Is it possible to lipo the "side neck/jaw fat".

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Dear Marcj20

Thank you for your question.  The change in contour of your neck when you tilt your head down is not easy to treat- particularly if you do not have much fat under the skin.  At your age the neck structures should be pretty good- as shown by your description when your head is straight.  If you do have some extra fat then conservative liposucttion may help- followed by a good support garment for 3 weeks and Botox to weaken the neck muscles while you are healing.

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Trevor M Born MD

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Neck liposuction helps to give you a refined jaw line.


neck liposculpture helps to refine the jaw line. although you do'nt have much fat but a good liposculpture of this areas will help to shrink the skin and tighten your neck. it will also give you a well formed jawline. This procedure is simple, with easy recovery, yet the results are very stricking.

you can see some examples of this on my site.

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