A Nasty Fall Caused a Depressed Scar On My Nose. Suggestions To Improve Healing/Scarring?

About two weeks ago, I tripped on a sidewalk, and fell face first into some steps. I needed 17 stitches in my forehead, and the bridge of my nose. The forehead looks better, but I sure did bleed a lot. When I hit the sidewalk, it removed an area of skin from my nose, kind of a deep brush burn. The fall also made a small depression from my glasses in the bridge of my nose. Any suggestions on helping my wound heal, and reduce scarring. Thank You, James

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Juvederm and Restylane can help depressed scars

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and they work especially well on the nose.  Since it has only been 2 weeks since your fall, i would wait 6 months to see if the collagen will heal in on its own, and if not, seek the advice of a dermatological surgeon who performs filler injections.  Best,

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