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Why is my Nose Crooked on the Bottom Half? Is There Any Way to Fix This Without Plastic Surgery? (photo)

I recall hitting my face on something a while back but I'm not sure if that's the case because until recent I have not noticed the bend.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty is possible for you.


Hello Tuner0124,

If you are trying to avoid surgery I can understand it.  Your nose looks very masculine and frankly looks pretty straight to me.  However if you want to do something that doesn't involve cutting, then a non-surgical nose procedure using injectible filler might be a good option.  It can be used to fill in small defects or depressions, straighten a bumpy bridge, raise the nasal tip, and adjust how a nose changes with smiling.  I would encourage you to see a nasal surgery/rhinoplasty specialist to learn about your options.  With just one photo, it is difficult to make any further suggestions.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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Fix without surgery


Yes...on your left middle third of the nose a small amount of filler would act to fill that area to a small degree and create the illusion of a straight nose.  It will work well and last for a fairly reasonable time (sometimes > 2 years in the nose).  It's not a permanent work around but a very good option for a small and subtle deformity.

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Straightening the nose with nonsurgical rhinoplasty


From the picture you have posted, it is difficult to appreciate a significant deviation.  Nonsurgical rhinoplasty would not be the best option to straighten your nose because your nose does not have a volume deficiency causing a deviated appearance.  Nonsurgical rhinoplasty works great for minor contour irregularities and adding volume, which would not apply to your case.  

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