My Facelift Scars Are Horrible, What Can I Do?

my facelift scars are horrible. 2-3mm white line all along forehead hairline its also dented in. same kind of scar in front of both ears, along the semicircle under my ear and down into neck area , also behind my ears. all are very visable. some are larger with deep recesses in them and all are white and can not be covered with any kind of makeup even Kryolan. what can i do? my hair cant cover any if these because of "cowlicks" etc. its been 8 years and im tired of trying to hide them or have

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Facelift Scars

Some Facelift scars can be improved with simple excision and some scars actually require a revision Facelift in order to correct the problem.  The reason for this is that most unsightly scars occur due to inappropriate skin tension at closure.  Simple excision can sometimes represent a repetition of the initial mistake.

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Scar revision is possible

If you have bad scars, oftentime these scars can be excised. The hope is that the new scar will be better than the old scars. You should see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to see if this is possible.

Hair Transplant Should be Your Answer

When you have had bad scars around the face lifted areas not only do they look bad but you have have lost hair from the procedures.  That can also make you look less feminine in shape of the hairline.  I correct the scars or I should say improve them through covering them up but at the same time I recreate a more youthful feminine frame if that makes sense.


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Scar revision?

Sometimes a scar revision can help with unsightful scarring.  Perhaps trying in one small area to see how it heals may be helpful. Speak with your surgeon.

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Scar revision of facelift scars and keloids from facelifts and necklifts

I perform facelift scar revision and these scars do well with surgical scar revision and some hair grafts, if appropriate. 

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