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Why Do my Arms Feel Hard After Brachioplasty Surgery?

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Brachioplasty and post operative recovery

Following an arm lift surgery or brachioplasty, there is a normal post operative period in which swelling and scarring will cause the arms to feel hard.  In most cases the swelling will resolve over six to twelve weeks and the scars will soften and fade over a period of six to twelve months.  Compression garments,  massage, and topical scar creams which contain silicone and hydrocortizone can help speed the recovery process.  Best wishes.

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Arms Feeling Hard after Armlift

   Induration and hardness are components of the normal healing process.  If there is anything suggestive of a fluid collection, hematoma, infection, or blood clot see your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Recovery after Brachioplasty

-It is common after a brachioplasty (arm lift) operation to have a lot of swelling in the arms that can take weeks to fully resolve.  This could be the reason that your arms feel firm.  

-Massage, time, and keeping the arms elevated as much as possible, all seems to help with this swelling. 

-Definitely, check with your plastic surgeon and have him/her examine your arms as you may find this reassuring as well.  

Take care!

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Arms Feel Hard after Brachioplasty Surgery…

 Congratulations on having undergone the arm lifting surgery. Unfortunately,  without more information in your question, it is not possible to provide you with specific thoughts/advice. If you have specific concerns about your postoperative course or results you will be better off addressing these concerns with your plastic surgeon in person.

Best wishes.

Why Do my Arms Feel Hard After Brachioplasty Surgery?

Some photos and a little more info would be helpful, such as how long ago your surgery was, and where the hardness is--incision, whole arm or what? Otherwise the best I can suggest is a call to your surgeon, which is best anyway. Thanks, best wishes.

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