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Why Does my Acne Spread?

Hi, I started to have some pimples on my forehead since 13. The rest of my face or body never ever gets a zit. Later I got a few pimples on my chest and for my face, it spread down to my cheeks, between the eyebrows and a bit on chin. A few months ago my back started to get occasional pimples too. Those are usually very painful zit and will leave scars behind after it's gone. Can I know why acne spreads? And if I use BP or Sal. acid body wash will it make it worst after I stop? Thanks a lot.

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Acne Does Not Spread


That is a common question.  The truth is acne does not "spread" it simply starts being a problem in other areas of the face, chest or back.  A board certified dermatologist is the physician that is most qualified to offer you the best treatment.  Many time we will use a combination of topical and oral medications.


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