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How Can I Get Rid of Old, pitted Scars on my Cheeks Caused by Many Yrs of Severe Cystic Acne? (photo)

I'm a 27 Yr Old Woman from India? I have tried glycolic and salicylic peels in the past for the acne which has helped. Along with tretinoin, my acne seem to be under control.For acne scarring,in the past 1 yr ,I've undergone 1 sitting of 'scar punch excision' (for very deep scars) & 1 sitting of dermaroller-- both without any success.I want to know possible treatment options to treat acne scarring in skin of color and the risks involved.Thank you

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Lasers for acne scars


Hi, acne scars respond well to laser treatment with fractionated resurfacing. Because you have skin of color, my advice would be to see a board certified dermatologist who has expertise in laser surgery, including treating skin of color.

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