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Based on what others say here, a mommy makeover can be very expensive. Do all doctors that offer mommy makeovers provide financing options? Will they agree to payment installments over time on a credit card? what are other ways people afford it!

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Financing for mommy makeover

Patients in our practice can pay cash, charge the surgery on their credit card or they can use a company called Care Credit to obtain a loan for the surgery.  If a loan is obtained, the payments are set up with the credit company.   They offer six months with no interest or 24 or 36 month options with interest.  Most surgical offices offer some type of financing but not necessarily all offices.

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Financing a Mommy MakeOver

Regarding: "Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Financing
Based on what others say here, a mommy makeover can be very expensive. Do all doctors that offer mommy makeovers provide financing options? Will they agree to payment installments over time on a credit card? what are other ways people afford it

The vast majority of Plastic surgeons offer their patients various ways to finance Mommy Make-Over and other Cosmetic Surgery procedures. Understandably, some sources of finance may be better than others. If you have a good credit score you MAY be able to get reasonable credit terms as a loan if you did not borrow it on your credit card. If you have a poor credit history you really should consider if looking better is worth going deeper in debt.

Philosophically, we would all differ on what is or is not worth borrowing for. I think that an education, a home to live in and surgery to improve your appearance are MUCH better ways to spend your money than clothes, sports events or vacations. But - you decide.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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Care Credit or Alpheon for financing

We have had good success with Care Credit and Alpheon to help our patients finance their procedure.  I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon's office as they often have plans that can help you finance your procedure. Good luck.

Finncing Plastic surgery

Check with your accountant. I wantto do all zi can for my clients, nut he advised strongly against it. First, a significant percentage cme right from the surgeon. Not just surgeons fees, but OR costs anesthesia, etc.  Additionally, I was informsred that missed payments cn be out of this world. therre may be other options.

View the video for more info. 

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Financing Mommy Makeover

Every practice has different payment policies. In Toronto, Ontario, most cosmetic surgery clinics offer financing through a third party, and the monthly payment plans can be very competitive. Even if a patient has bad credit, it may still be possible to get their surgery financed at just a few hundred dollars a month. Contact the clinic you're interested in and find out what their financing options are. Best of luck.


Some surgeons offer financing options in their office- you would need to check with the surgeon you are interested in seeing. There is also a company Care Credit that can be used. Best of luck.

Grant Stevens, MD
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The Majority of Plastic Surgeons Offer Some Type of Financing Program for Cosmetic Patients

For many patients, cosmetic surgery would not be possible without some type of financing. For this reason, the vast majority of plastic surgeons offer some type of financing program. With the availability of this type of program, plastic surgeons don’t typically take installment payments. They usually require full payment before surgery is performed.
In our practice, we almost exclusively utilize Care Credit. This is currently the most commonly used source of plastic surgery financing in the United States. The company is run by GE capital financing. It’s reputable and you can apply for a loan online. It takes approximately thirty minutes to get a response. In some cases, you may be able to get a twelve month interest free loan.
Financing is not for everyone; make sure you understand the fine print in your contract. Don’t take on more than you can handle. At some point, you will have to repay the loan. It’s important to have all your financing questions answered before proceeding with cosmetic surgery. In our office, we have financial consultants who can help you with this very important issue.


We accept credit cards. I also have  financing available through citibank, care credit and surgery loans.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Mommy Makeover Financing

Most plastic surgery offices offer some sort of financing option.  Often it is through a financing company.  Best to speak with the office manager of your Plastic Surgeon's practice and see with they usually do.

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Financing for Surgery

Thank you for your question.

Each office differs with how they work with financing companies and exactly what they do in regards to "financing through the office".  You would need to visit with some board certified plastic surgeons and see exactly what their process is...

There are many financing companies that you can apply with online who will pay the surgeon prior to surgery and then you will have monthly payments to them.  

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