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Throbbing Pain After Mole Removal

I had two moles removed from my back today. Should I expect to feel throbbing uncomfortable pain? These two moles are located on my bra line. The reason I decided to get them removed was because about a year ago they started to be itchy. In the last three weeks they started to get very itchy again. Educated myself on itchy moles and everything pointed towards skin cancer.

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Pain after biopsy

If you are experiencing pain after your procedure, then I would recommend that you see your physician for follow-up. 

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Pain after biopsy

If a patient has pain after a biopsy, they need to contact the physician's office that performed the biopsy immediately.  There are many different methods of biopsy: shave biopsy, punch biopsy, excisional biopsy.  The cause of the pain may be dependent on which type of biopsy was done but should be addressed right away.

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