Mole on Lip?

I have a small raised mole on my lip border, on my cupid's bow. I had it electrocauterized it years ago. That left a small white indented line. The mole has regrown, raised and slightly bigger than before. So far, I have been looking into the Ellman surgitron laser and excision. I would really appreciate it if you would please share with me your opinion as to which procedure you deem best for me. Thank you! PS: i have 2 small other moles on my face. Would you recommend the same?

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How to remove a mole on the lip

Moles on the lip I will typically remove by doing an excision with suture closure which uses both dissolving and non-dissolving sutures to give the best cosmetic result. All methods of surgery will leave a scar but the trick is to minimize the scar using the proper technique. I would not recommend either lasers or electrosurgical destruction  for mole removals.

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Mole on lip

It is best to have moles (especially one that has re-grown after prior electrocauterization) removed via surgical excision (I'd personally say a shave biopsy excision). At this point, it'd be a good idea to have a lab review it for any possible abnormalities.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Moles on lip borders probably do best with surgical excision

Straight surgical excision with slight dermabrasion of the edges and suture closure  probably will give the best cosmetic results. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD 

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Mole removal on the lip and face

The lip mole and scar can be surgically excised with layered closure in order to optimize the scar.  I would perform this under local anesthesia in my Los Angeles plastic surgery office. 

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Mole removal

I would highly recommend that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon for an evaluation and possible procedure. 

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