skin removal during mini-tummy tuck vs. standard tummy tuck?

What differences would I find between a mini tummy tuck versus a total tummy tuck? Would a Mini Tummy Tuck Remove That Skin Completely?

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Tummy Tuck Options


Thank you for you question.    It is difficult to give accurate recommendation without an in office exam.  When I evaluate the abdomen, I assess:
1.  The amount of loose skin

2.  The volume of fatty tissue
3.  The degree of muscle laxity.

I evaluate this in each of 3 areas:
1.  Upper Abdomen

2.  Area around the Belly Button
3.  Lower Abdomen

MINI TUMMY TUCK: If a patient has loose skin, fatty tissue, and muscle laxity limited to the Lower Abdomen, then I recommend the mini tummy tuck.  In order to qualify for this, the patient must have good skin and muscle tone in their upper abdomen and area around the belly button.   I will frequently perform liposuction of these areas with my Mini Tummy Tuck to enhance the overall contour.

FULL TUMMY TUCK:  this is for patients who have loose skin and muscle laxity of the upper abdomen, belly button area, and lower abdomen.   This procedure tightens all 3 areas with a bikini line incision.   I often encorporate liposuction with my full tummy tuck as I feel it offers a superb end result.
EXTENDED TUMMY TUCK:  This works well for patients who have loose skin that extends over the hip bone into the flank area.   I will perform extensive liposuction and skin excision to the hip and flank area combined with full tummy tuck.

BODY LIFT/BELT LIPECTOMY:  this is essentially a 360 degree tummy tuck which involves removal of loose skin and fatty tissue of the lower back and buttocks, in addition to the extended tummy tuck.
I wish you a safe recovery and amazing result!!

Dr. Gill

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck


Usually a mini tummy tuck involves some form of liposuction, tightening muscles in the lower abdomen and some skin excision. I prefer a full tummy tuck because the mini does not treat the upper abdomen.  The mini tummy tuck does not remvoe as much skin as a full tummy tuck.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Full vs mini tummy tuck


Deciding which tummy tuck would be appropriate for you will be determined at your detailed, individualized consultation by your surgeon. While a mini tummy tuck seems ideal, it may not accomplish your aesthetic goals.  In general, a mini tummy tuck removes a small amount of skin from the lower abdomen. This will tighten the lower abdominal skin only. Mini tummy tucks are typically reserved for patients with excellent muscle tone, no diastasis and minimal to no redundant skin above the belly button. Modified tummy tuck tighten (plicate) the abdominal muscle from the belly button down to the pubic bone and remove a portion of the redundant lower abdominal skin.

Liposuction may also be combined to further contour the abdomen and flanks/love handles. Modified tummy tuck procedures will not typically address the excess skin above the belly button, nor will the muscle bulge above the belly button be addressed. Full tummy tucks typically repair /plicate the muscle from the rib cage down to the pubic bone. The excess skin from the belly button down to the pubic bone is removed (to varying degrees). Full tummy tucks are typical for many women after pregnancy and men/women after extreme weight loss. good luck with your decision. Dr Renucci

John Renucci, MD
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Full vs. Mini Tummy Tuck


Mini tummy tucks are performed on individuals who have fairly tight muscle with smooth upper abdominal skin but have loose skin below the naval.  A shorter incision is made just above the pubis and a horizontal ellipse of skin is removed below the naval.  All tissues above and including the naval are left in place.  Patients with stretched muscle and loose skin above the naval will require a full tummy tuck.

Marc Malek, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Mini versus Full tummy tuck



The biggest difference between mini TT and full TT is how the belly button is managed.  In a full tummy tuck the beklly button is usually circumscribed (cut around) and brough back through the new skin that has been pulled down.  A mini tummy tuck usually leaves the belly button alone or cuts the stalk and lets the belly button "float" downward with the skin that is pulled down during closure.  How much skin is removed with either is variable as is the final incision length.

All  the best,

Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Mini Tummy Skin Removal


Which procedure is right for would require and consultation and photos. A mini tummy tuck only removes a portion of excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and the belly button is not moved. Excess skin and poor muscle tone above the belly button are not improved. The scar is shorter but it is a smaller procedure. A full tummy tuck involves muscle repair for the entire abdomen with tightening of the skin above the belly button, relocation of the belly button and more skin removal. The scar is longer. In both procedures liposuction may be employed to multiple areas. Visit my web site for a more though discussion.

Richard Linderman, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck


The “mini  tummy tuck” is a very limited operation that I very rarely perform  (very few patients are good candidates for this procedure). Most patients seeking abdominal wall surgery have significant amount of excess skin along with spreading of the rectus muscles (diastasis). These issues are not treated successfully without a full  abdominoplasty.

In my practice, it is more common that we treat patients who have had misguided mini  tummy tuck surgery (with full tummy tuck revision surgery).

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Mini vs Full Tummy Tuck


For a mini-tummy tuck, a small ellipse of tissue is removed from the lower abdomen below the umbilicus. The incision is usually a little bit longer that a C-section scar but can be extended to get more skin. This is a procedure that is limited to women with excess skin only below the umbilicus. A full tummy tuck removes all the skin from the lower abdomen all the way up to the level of the umbilicus. The umbilicus is cut out and the upper abdominal skin is contoured and re-draped. Thus, this surgery effectively treats both the upper and lower abdomen. This scar usually runs  from hip to hip.

Robert Heck, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Mini vs full tummy tuck


In a mini tummy tuck you do not free the belly button from the adjacent skin and are limited in the amount of skin that you may take out.  It generally only addresses the skin below the belly button and does not improve the areas above the belly button.  I find the mini tummy tuck of limited use in patients after childbirth with excess skin and poor elasticity.  With the full tummy tuck you can remove all the loose skin needed and tighten the abdominal fascia from the pubis to the chest.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Donald Nunn, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy yuck


if your issue is extra skin, then do a full tummy tuck.  a mini tt gives mini skin excision

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon
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