What pain medications will I be given after my breast augmentation and lift?

Hi ;) one of my friends just had her BA done and she said the dr did not give her any pain meds just told her to take over the counter pain meds. I'm now freakin out there is no way I will be ok with just that. I have no tolerance for pain :( what kind of meds to doctors give for a BA AND LIFT? Please help now I'm scared.

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Postop pain medication

Thanks for your question. Most of my patients don't require a narcotic (like Vicodin) after surgery. They usually take ibuprofen and get relief with that. We do however send patients home with a pain medication just in case they need it. You should call your surgeon's office and discuss this with them. Best of Luck!

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Pain medication for breast augmentation and wristlet

No need to be scared. Call your doctor and express your concerns. I routinely prescribe pain medication along with a muscle relaxer for under the muscle placement.

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Pain medication after surgery

This question is one you should really direct towards your surgeon's office.  They should be able to answer this question for you.  Every doctor is different in their postoperative plan based on his/her experience.  I will typically give my patients an oral narcotic to take for a couple of days after surgery as needed.

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What pain medications will I be given after my breast augmentation and lift?

Each surgeon will have their own preferences for pain medication following surgery.  At my clinic, I prescribe Percocet for my patients post-operatively.  Each patient’s pain tolerance is different but most patients no longer feel the need to continue taking them a few days following surgery. Please visit or contact your surgeon’s office for clarification as to your post-operative care.

Pain meds

We routinely give prescription pain meds for our breast surgeries - like Vicodin or Nucynta.  Most patients only use them for a few days afterwards.  If delicate surgical technique is used together with good nerve block anesthesia, this keeps the pain and inflammation to a minimum.

Pain medication following breast lift

I do not recommend taking ibuprofen following breast lift or augmentation surgery due to the increased risk of bleeding following surgery.  In my Raleigh, NC practice, patients having breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are given either Percocet or Vicodin for post operative pain.  Typically patients use the pain medications, for two -three days then they can switch to Tylenol.  Your plastic surgeon should be able to advise you on the pain protocol prior to your procedure.

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Pain medications after breast augmentation and breast lift

Thank you for your question.  I have been practicing plastic surgery for 32 years and always prescribe narcotic pain medications for patients who are undergoing breast augmentation alone, breast lift alone, and when the 2 procedures are combined.

Typically we prescribed Percocet, Percodan or Vicodin.   It is true that by 3-4 days most patients no longer required narcotic medications.

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