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Will Medicaid/Medicare Cover the Removal of Excessive Stomach Skin?

I had Gastric-Bypass surgery in September of 1989. Since approximently 8 months postop, I have had a very large area of excessive skin (Flab) on my lower abdomen. I suffer from lower back pain, an irratation under the flab. It is almost always a painful red, blistery, bloody, infected, ouzing of a yellowish discharge. It is very foul smelling, to the point that I am not able to be around other people, for fear of offending them with the smell.

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Medicaid Payment for Surgery


I would say it's quite doubtful. Removal of excess skin is mostly considered cosmetic and I'm not familiar with a surgeon who will take Medicaid for surgery.

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It is uncertain whether Medicaid or Medicare will cover abdominal pannus removal.


Dealing with government medicine is difficult because they do not pre-certify a given operation. The surgeon has to perform the procedure and will find out in arrears if he has to be paid.

Web reference:,21-atlanta-abdominoplast.htm

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Will Medicaid/Medicare Cover the Removal of Excessive Stomach Skin?


Since neither will "pre-authorize" one really cannot tell whether they will provide coverage for an individual. A denial can leave you with astromonical bills from a hospital.  Your bariatric surgeon can probably advise you best about coverage in your particular area, and about surgeons who might be providers. 

All the best. 

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