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Do Lumineers Dry out Your Lips?

I see a few people who have had cosmetic dentistry and they lick their teeth. Do veneers dry out your mouth?

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Veneers Will Not Cause Dry Mouth

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Porcelain veneers do not dry out your mouth.  I have placed thousands of veneers over the years and have never had a patient tell me that they have experienced dry mouth after having their veneers seated.  I'm not sure why those individuals that you see are licking their teeth, but I am sure that it is not from dry mouth caused from the veneers.  

Houston Cosmetic Dentist
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Veneers do not dry out your mouth

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Porcelain veneers can significantly change the shape, size, position, and surface texture of the teeth.  Whenever there is a change in the mouth, the tongue "checks it out" for some time until it becomes commonplace. 

Andrea Stevens, DMD
Ottawa Cosmetic Dentist

Veneers do not dry out your mouth

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Porcelain veneers, which Lumineers are categorized in, should not dry out your mouth.  I have had porcelian veneers on my 6 front teeth for 12 years and have never had any problems with dry mouth.  Maybe the people you have noticed licking their teeth are just admiring them with their tongues :)

Christian Yaste, DDS
Charlotte Cosmetic Dentist

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