Do you lose volume when going under the muscle?

I am 5' bra is 34 A, but if I measure, it says BA is in two weeks...doing Mentor Moderate Profile Plus, Silicone gel & I chose 375cc under the it true that if I get 375cc's, they will look 25cc's less...more like 350cc's? Will I achieve a full C?

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Implant under the muscle make it look smaller?

Thank you for your question. This is a common question in breast augmentation. In short, the volume of the breast will be the same no matter where the implant is placed. The muscle will be pushing down on the top of the implant when it is placed under the muscle, thus giving the breast a slightly more gentle slope compared to if the same implant is placed over the muscle. The look in your shirt between when you tried sizers on in the office and how you will look after surgery will be slightly different because the implant behaves differently once inside your breast and under the muscle (as outlined above). With the size of the implants you have chosen and your small chest diameter, you will likely be at the very minimum a C cup, lkely a D or possibly DD.

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Volume doesn't change with implant position

but I always increase the size over what people like when using sizers in their unlined bra.  There is dead space and other issues that must be accounted for and by increasing the chosen volume by 10%, I've been very accurate with achieving the desired outcome by my patients.  So if you like a 350 cc sizer and use a 350 cc implant, you will look a little smaller than what you may have anticipated.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Implants Under Muscle Changes the Size?

You ask a very important question.  And the answers offered are accurate in that placing a 375 cc implant under the muscle doesn't reduce the actual volume.  375 ccs under the muscle is the same volume as 375 cc over the muscle.

But I think you may also be wondering about how 375 ccs will look under the muscle compared with how a 375 cc sizer looks on top of your breast right now.  And if that is your question, then, yes, I think that if you "love the look" of a given sizer on top of your breast you may perhaps best get to that goal by putting a slightly larger implant under the muscle.

Best of luck!

James N. Romanelli, MD, FACS
Long Island Plastic Surgeon
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Placing the breast implant beneath the chest muscle will not reduce the size

Do not be concerned about losing rest implant size of the implant is placed beneath the chest muscle.

There are many distinct advantages and benefits to placing your breast implant under the muscle.  Immediately after surgery the breast implants are compressed into look smaller however with time the breast implant will settle into the pocket and look normal and in most cases more natural than breast implants placed under the gland.

If you're really concerned in your heart believe this will happen to you then simply ask your surgeon to place an additional 25 cc breast implant and your pocket but in my experience there is no difference.

Volume is the same

The volume of an implant is the same whether it is below the muscle or above the muscle. The volume is also the same whether it is a saline or a silicone gel implant.

Placing the implant below the muscle (rather than above) and using a silicone gel implant (rather than saline) will both give a more natural appearance which may allow you to go with a larger implant and still achieve a natural result.

If you were told that implants placed below the muscle or silicone gel implants will look 25cc less, that's not exactly true. They may appear 25cc less because they look more natural, but they will not be 25cc smaller.

Armin Moshyedi, MD
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon
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Not true

No the same size of the implant is in there but it is slightly less obvious and more natural which is a way better look overall

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