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Laser to Improve Scar from Spinal Fusion? (photo)

Had spinal fusion one year ago. Have used products such as Glycolic Acid & Retin-A, making the scar look as great as it possibly can. I would like to have laser done on the scar to reduce the redness & the scar altogether. I have done erbium, IPL and Polaris laser on my face to reduce acne and acne scars. It worked amazingly. I just want to know what the BEST laser would be for my situation. Thank you doctors. Please note the picture so you can see my situation

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Treatment of surgical scars with pulsed dye laser

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Red scars from surgery can be improved and made less visible with a series of treatments with a scar laser that is known as pulsed dye laser. 


I use the pulsed dye laser frequently in my office to improve these surgical scars. 

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