How Long Should I Wait After my Bariatric Surgery Before I Get Plastic Surgery?

I know that I'm going to need plastic surgery to remove a lot of excess skin. How long should I wait before I get this done?

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How Long Should I Wait After my Bariatric Surgery Before I Get Plastic Surgery?

I believe patients should wait at least a year after bariatric surgery to have plastic surgery. Ideally, after 15 months and if at goal weight and maintaining.

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Plastic surgery

The most sensible answer is to have the plastic surgery when you have had the most weight loss and your weight is stable. Otherwise if you have the surgery before then with continued weight loss, you may land up with redundant skin. This is usually 18 to 24 mth after bariatric surgery

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Plastic surgery wait for weight to be stable for four months.

It is typically advisable to wait a minimum of 4 months AFTER achieving a stable weight and not necessarily after the bariatric surgery.

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How Long Should I Wait After my Weight Loss Surgery Before I Get Plastic Surgery

Body Contouring Plastic Surgery ideally should be done when your weight has dropped to its lowest level and has been steady there for 6 months. There is no point in doing cosmetic surgery on a patient who is still losing wait since further weight loss after surgery will result in more skin looseness.

Good luck.

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Timing of body contouring after Bariatric surgery

Congratulations on embarking on this exciting weight-loss journey! Once you are within about 15-20 pounds of your goal weight, have plateaued in your weight loss for about 6 months, and are about 18 months out from your Bariatric procedure, then you are likely ready for the procedures that will truly showcase all your hard work!

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