How Long Until Lower Eyelid Relaxes After Canthoplasty with Enduragen Graft?

26 year old male here. I am one month to the day post-op from canthoplasty/eyelid reconstruction with Enduragen Graft for mild (severe enough for me) eyelid retraction and scleral show on my lower right eyelid. Surgery was performed in LA by a very trained oculoplastic surgeon. It's been 4 weeks, yet the eyelid is still significantly overcorrected, raised very high compared to the left one and quite slanted. Is this normal?How long will it take for the lid to settle? Or, should it have by now?

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I recommend waiting at least 2 more months before deciding that this might need to be revised.


I personally do not like the enduragen product for this application.  I still very much prefer hard palate graft.  The reason for this is that hard palate graft contracts very little where as the enduragen eventually is all absorbed to be replaced with you own scar tissue.  The surgeon has to do a lot of guessing to account for potential graft contraction.  Hence the need for over correction.  The absolute canthal angles look a bit irregular as well.  TIme is very helpful here.  Generally, I recommend waiting a full six months before considering revisional surgery.  

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Eyelid asymmetry


It is hard to say how long you need to heal as I did not perform your surgeon. In my past, I waited 6-8 weeks to heal from anything I did. Based on your photos, your left lower lid appears retracted. Discuss this with your surgeon. All the best

Thomas A. Narsete, MD (retired)
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