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How Long Do Exilis Results Last?

After 4 treatments on my inner thigh, I'm seeing great results which I understand will be more visible in about 3 months, but is there any documentation as to how long these results will last? And does a person usually need "maintenance" treatments?

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How Long Will Exilis Last?

Results are permanent as long as you do your part to keep your weight consistent. As with any procedure, fluctuation in eating habits and exercise can cause the effect of the treatment to be reversed. Maintenance treatments are recommended once every 12-18 months.

See the link below to find out more about Exilis treatments.

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How long does Exilis last?

There are no definitive studies on the longevity of Exilis to my knowledge.

When we trained with our clinical specialist, we were told expect results to last one to two years.

However, if you achieve fat loss and circumferential reduction as desired, one would expect that these effects should be semi-permanent if you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain proper body weight.

If you revert to over-eating and discontinue regular exercise, you certainly could gain weight and add fat back to the existing fat cells in the treated areas; thus, reversing what your Exilis treatments already accomplished.

That being said, aging is a continual process and periodic maintenance treatments may still be recommended to combat the inevitable battle with the changes associated with aging.

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There are no definite answer to this question of the duration for exilis.  The results vary based on the patient and the area treated.

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