How Long Does the Coolsculpting Procedure Last and How Many Treatments Are Needed?

How long does the coolsculpting procedure last and how many treaments are needed??? I'm interested on having it done on my stomach. Thank you

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Coolsculpting - each cycle lasts 1 hour and you see results after each treatment

A coolsculpting treatment session lasts about 1 hour. One body part (eg upper abdomen or lower abdomen or one flank or one love handle) can be treated during each hour-long session. About 20-25% of the fat that gets sucked into the probe disappears within 2-4 months. A repeat session can enhance results on a body part that you have already done. This is safe, but I recommend waiting several months so that you first see the full effect of the prior treatment.

CoolSculpting permanently removes fat in one hour

One CoolSculpting treatment takes one hour per area treated.  One area is typically about the size of your hand. Therefore, each "love-handle" would be considered one area, and the lower abdomen is typically considered two areas.  You can treat more than one area at a single office visit, but only one area at a time.  To treat two areas takes just over two hours.  For many patients, a second treatment in the same area may be beneficial since CoolSculpting removes about 25% of the fat cells per treatment.  The fat cells that are damaged by the treatment are frozen and later absorbed by the body's own metabolic process and  are gone permanently.  Typical results take about 3-4 months to be fully realized, and therefore many patients schedule second treatments at that time. Results may vary from patient to patient, overall, my patients have been very happy with their results.  

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Coolscupting is permanent fat reduction with each treatment

With each Coolsculpt treatment, there is a 20-25% reduction in fat in the area that is treated. Each treatment takes an hour and results can start to be seen after 3 weeks and continue for 3 months. It is common for people to treat some areas more than once, about a month apart, to get additional reduction. During your consultation, the physician will discuss your goals and develop a "treatment to transformation" plan in which the number of treatments will be recommended.  Without a consultation it is not possible to know how many treatments you will need. I hope this helps!

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How Long is Your Coolsculpting Procedure

Typical Coolsculpting procedures range from 2-5 hours depending on the areas of the body being treated. This is why it is so important to have your Coolsculpting treatment performed in a facility that is equipped with several devices, which can cut treatment time in half!

My practice is equipped with multiple devices, flat screen televisions with Netflix, open Wi-Fi, and catering services in all of our Cool Rooms. We make the time spent having this procedure done both enjoyable and relaxing. Patients will enjoy a 20-25% fat reduction in the area treated. Some of our patients go on to have secondary treatment to achieve upwards of 50% reduction in the area they are wanting corrected. 

How long does Coolsculpting take in San Diego?

A typical coolsculpting area of treatment may last 60 minutes, but many patients require more than one area. Multiple areas can be tackled in one day, or spread out over several days depending on the client's schedule.  Generally, each area only needs to be treated once at our San Diego center.

Roy A. David, MD
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CoolSculpting: how long does it take and how many treatments are needed?

CoolSculpting is a great way to get rid of extra fat in trouble areas.  The treatments are done by areas.  For instance, an abdominal treatment might take 4 hours to complete, but you may need two treatments for full transformation due to the thickness of the fat.  Outer thighs might only take about 75 minutes to treat both in a practice that has DualSculpting (two machines).

During your consultation, we would assess your problem areas, discuss your goals, then design a treatment plan to get full correction of your problem areas.  You'll know before you leave the office how long the treatment will take and how many sessions you might need.  There is no cookie-cutter answer without a consultation.

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CoolSculpting takes one hour per treated area. An applicator is attached to the area which uses controlled cooling to target and kill fat cells. Depending on the area of the body you plan on treating, for example the “love handles,” the time would double (one hour per side). CoolSculpting has proven successful in getting rid of unwanted bulges but additional treatments may be necessary to achieve the best results.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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A CoolSculpting procedure lasts for an hour for each area treated; at my practice, we have two machines that can be used at the same time to cut procedure time in half when treating two sides of the body.

How long CoolSculpting results will last depends on the individual person and their lifestyle. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle following treatment and maintain your weight, results can last indefinitely. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells in the area treated, and destroys them so that they don’t return. The remaining fat cells in the area can always get larger if one gains weight, but otherwise, once you have the reduction in fat cells you stay slim in that area.

One treatment is generally needed for good results; with approximately 30 to 40% fat reduction if that area is also massaged afterwards with the Zwave device. You may want more reduction, so after a 2-3 month wait, the same area can be retreated if desired. I suggest discussing your goals with your dermatologist to find out how many treatments it will take for you to reach them.

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CoolSculpting Procedure and Time

Depending upon which area you are treating the treatment can last anywhere from 60 to 75 minutes per area. At our practice, we have two CoolSculpting Machines (DualSculpting) and are able to treat two areas at once. For example, if you were to treat your flanks it would take 1 hour as opposed to 2 hours for both sides.

It is hard to tell you how many treatments you will need without having a consultation. During your consultation the provider will weigh you, analyze your subcutaneous fat to determine whether or not you are a candidate for the treatment and write you a treatment plan that will describe how many sessions you will need to reach your ultimate goal.

Good Luck!

Mark Pinsky, MD
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How Long Does the Coolsculpting Procedure Last and How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Each CoolSculpting treatment will last one hour, with the exception of the outer thighs, which will last for 75 minutes.  One area could be an applicator that's the size of your hand, or one that is 2.5 times that size.  Only a certified CoolSculpting professional can properly assess and then give a treatment plan for what applicators will fit each part of your body.  Coolsculpting causes a natural cell death that permanently removed the affected fat cells.  The only reason to see these fat cells return would be in the case of weight gain.

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