How Long Does the Coolsculpting Procedure Last and How Many Treatments Are Needed?

How long does the coolsculpting procedure last and how many treaments are needed??? I'm interested on having it done on my stomach. Thank you

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CoolSculpting permanently removes fat in one hour

One CoolSculpting treatment takes one hour per area treated.  One area is typically about the size of your hand. Therefore, each "love-handle" would be considered one area, and the lower abdomen is typically considered two areas.  You can treat more than one area at a single office visit, but only one area at a time.  To treat two areas takes just over two hours.  For many patients, a second treatment in the same area may be beneficial since CoolSculpting removes about 25% of the fat cells per treatment.  The fat cells that are damaged by the treatment are frozen and later absorbed by the body's own metabolic process and  are gone permanently.  Typical results take about 3-4 months to be fully realized, and therefore many patients schedule second treatments at that time. Results may vary from patient to patient, overall, my patients have been very happy with their results.  

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CoolSculpting Can Be Permanent

Coolsculpting (Zeltiq) kills fat cells by selectively freezing the lipids that are found in fat cells. This results in gradual death of those cells and the fat they are carrying is absorbed and excreted. The procedure kills a layer of fat that is about ½ inch thickness at its maximum in the center of the bulge that is treated. Multiple areas can be treated, resulting in gradual reduction of a larger area . Once the fat cells are killed they are gone. The only reason they would re-appear is if you gained a large amount of weight and your body had to make some new fat cells in order to store the new fat. Otherwise, they are gone “forever.“

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CoolSculpting for Fat Loss

CoolSculpting takes approximately 1 hour per area. In order to provide elimination of fat as quickly as possible we do offer CoolSculpting Complete. This includes two systems, for twice the fat elimination in a one hour period.  Find the top provider of CoolSculpting in your area. Some high volume practices can offer instant rebates of one area at no charge

Results can be seen after a single session, but some patients see an improvement but might desire an additional treatment for optimal results.

Vibrational therapy increases circulation and lymphatic drainage which my help waste, including damaged fat cells be eliminated with the body more efficiently. Finally, al of our patients receive a compression garment to help with skin quality and comfort.

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Coolscuplting takes only one hour to reduce your fat bulge

Zeltiq is a revolutionary procedure that freezes your fat in just one hour.  The results are great if you are at your ideal body weight and you have a certain problem area like your abdomen or flanks.  Typically one procedure is necessary and you can expect a 25 percent reduction in fat in two to four months after the treatment.  Some patients return a few months later for a second session because they can achieve even better results,

CoolSculpting treatments for fat reduction

The fat cells that are killed during the Zeltiq's CoolSculpting freezing do not grow back. But not all fat cells die and if you gain weight then the fat will have some place to go, both in the area treated and non-treated areas. But if you maintain a good exercise regimen and diet then the results should be long term.  Some people need only one treatment as they're happy with 20% fat reduction while others do three or more treatments that can be repeated every two months or less frequently.

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Coolsculpting - each cycle lasts 1 hour and you see results after each treatment

A coolsculpting treatment session lasts about 1 hour. One body part (eg upper abdomen or lower abdomen or one flank or one love handle) can be treated during each hour-long session. About 20-25% of the fat that gets sucked into the probe disappears within 2-4 months. A repeat session can enhance results on a body part that you have already done. This is safe, but I recommend waiting several months so that you first see the full effect of the prior treatment.

How Long Does the Coolsculpting Procedure Last and How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Each CoolSculpting treatment will last one hour, with the exception of the outer thighs, which will last for 75 minutes.  One area could be an applicator that's the size of your hand, or one that is 2.5 times that size.  Only a certified CoolSculpting professional can properly assess and then give a treatment plan for what applicators will fit each part of your body.  Coolsculpting causes a natural cell death that permanently removed the affected fat cells.  The only reason to see these fat cells return would be in the case of weight gain.

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How long does it last and how many treatments needed

Treatments will have maximal effect by 3 months. Whether or not you need additional treatments will depend on you clinical exam. 
Once the fat is removed, it is gone for life.

Permanent Fat Reduction in 1 Hour

Each coolsculpting treatment cycle takes one hour. This results in about 20-25% fat loss in the treated area. Multiple cycles can also be performed in the same day, so you don't necessarily mean you have to make multiple trips to the doctor's office. The number of cycles needed really depends on how many areas are treated and your personal goals. Coolsculpting can be used to treat love handles, inner and outer thighs, debulk and sculpt the abdomen. Patients will often do 1-2 cycles per area.

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Depends on your presentation

As mentioned by others, each Coolsculpting cycle takes 1 hour.The number of cycle(treatments) depends on several variables- your fatty bulge anatomy, how much fat is present, your expectations.  For example, some patients with minimal fat present in the bottom half of the abdomen may need only 1 or 2 cycles, whereas other pts with significantly more fat may need 4-6 cycles initially, and another series of cycles 1-3 months later.  Each cycle will reduce the fatty bulge 20-25% on average.  The stomach is a great area for Coolsculpting!  Good luck!

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