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My fillers swell when I am run down! Will this ever stop?

i have juverderm filler in my tear troughs, lips, nose to mouth lines first time last year and had it twice more since. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! however when i am run down, have flu, drink red wine they swell up, and let be real, I don't mind when my lips swell! looks sexy! however when my eyes swell i look a little a bit crazy crazy!!! Will this ever stop? or do I just have to get use to it?

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Swelling after filler

It is common and expected to get swelling within the first month after hyaluronic acid filler treatment, which could be exacerbated by lack of sleep, stress, or salty diet, but it is unusual to experience chronic recurrent swelling beyond a month.  In addition, some people do tend to build up head and neck fluid overnight more than others, esp. if premenstrual, so propping up on an extra pillow or two while sleeping should help prevent that.

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