How Important is Compression Garment After Liposuction?

I am wondering, just how important is the elastic compression garment after a Liposuction? It's been just under a week, and the bands seem to be creating lumps where the bandage is not taut. I am trying to minimize sitting or bending over, but the garment is about 12" in height: ribs to hips. Will the lumps affect the outcome? Is there a way to minimize this?

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The bumps should go away.

 The purpose of the garment is to keep the skin against the muscle. The more inelasticity of the skin the more important it is to wear the garment to keep the skin from sagging. Your lumps are probably due to gaps in the pressure of the garment. Strong spandex will solve your problem.

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The Importance of a Compression Garment After Liposuction

Compression Garments are extremely important after liposuction surgery. It helps to decrease swelling, and assists in having the skin re-adhere to the underlying tissues once the fat is removed from that area. If you're having problems with your specific compression garment, your plastic surgeon may allow you to switch into a more comfortable body-sliming under garment. We generally have our patients wear a medical-grade compression garment that we provide for the first 2 weeks after surgery, then we allow them to switch into a body shaper style garment, ie. spanx.

Liposuction Compression Garment Should Be Tight

A compression garment helps your recovery by doing 3 important things, all related to the pressure that it applies to the treated area:
1. It controls swelling, bruising and discomfort while the body heals. It shifts fluid balances, "pushing" the fluid out of the tissues and encouraging the body to absorb them naturally so recovery is faster.
2. It helps to make a smoother and less noticeable scar, minimizing the chance of developing keloid or hypertrophic scars.
3. It helps to conform the skin to its new position.
The less pressure there is in the treated area, the less effective your garment is, therefore lumps should be minimized. You could wear spanx over the garment to control this, but a better suggestion would be talking to your surgeon about the fit of your garment. There are so many sizes, types and brands on the market today that you should be able to find one that fits better. Good luck!


Differerent plastic surgeons have different recommendations re post-op liposuction garments.  You should ask your plastic surgeon what he wants you to do and follow doctor's orders.  You should also discuss your concerns re the type of garment you are using.

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