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How Much is Lip Reduction for Naturally Big Lips? Can This Surgery Give Lips a Better Shape Too?

My lips are really full and there is no shape to it at all (no cupids bow, etc). I have heard there is a surgery to get lips reduced, how much is it roughly? Can you get your lips shaped in the surgery? Or is there another surgery I can undergo after the first surgery heals?

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Lip Reduction and Lip Shaping

Yes it is possible to both reduce and shape your lips. I typically do it as an office procedure.


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Lip Reduction and Lip Reshaping

Thank you for your question. Yes, lip reduction can reduce the volume of the lips (more commonly the lower lip, but sometimes both upper and lower).  In addition, carefully placed excisions can be used to add shape to the lips.  Often, when the lips are overly flat or lacking in contour, combination treatment is needed. For some patients, this includes an upper lip lift and a lower lip reduction.  Regardless, find a surgeon who is comfortable with and enjoys doing lip surgery to get the best results possible.

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Lip reduction surgery

      Lip reduction can both reduce the size of the lips and change lip shape.  The surgery is never perfect, and there will always be some irregularity in lip shape.  Find someone who has performed this procedure many times.

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