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Does Lichen Sclerosus on Abdomin Pose a Problem for a Mommy Makeover? (photo)

I am 27. Currently pregnant with baby boy number 3. Once I am done having children, I would like a mommy makeover. Does having lichen sclerosus pose a problem for the tummy tuck? Added are photos of my stomach right now. I am 27 weeks pregnant. but you can see the stretch marks, and the baggy skin under the belly from gaining 90lbs with my first pregnancy due to hypothyroidism.

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Lichen Sclerosis and a mommy make over

Hello Dezae -

Your photo looks like lichen sclerosis. Yes, after your baby and breast feeding, you can have a mommy make over. A few questions and suggestions:

  • Did you have a biopsy? It looks like lichen sclerosis but it is important to be sure your diagnosis is correct.
  • Did it appear with pregnancy? If so, it should diminish afterwards.
  • Did it appear with your low thyroid? If so, have your thyroid levels checked.
  • Have it treated if possible before surgery - usually with steroid creams.
  • Your plastic surgeon should discuss this with your dermatologist
  • Infection and poor scarring are probably more likely but with the right diagnosis, treatment and good planning, you should do fine.
  • Best of luck with this and your new baby.

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