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Laser/VASER Liposuction, Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant, Non-surgical skin tightening: What do I Need Done?

Hi there, I'm a fit and healthy 28 year old man with no weight issues yet I have somewhat of a double chin. From some angles/distances it is not noticeable at all, where as from others is looks awful and really bothers me. I am about to finish my Invisalign orthodontic treatment and my teeth are looking great, but before I started this treatment my Orthodontist suggested that I should consider wearing metal braces instead and getting jaw surgery to improve what he says was a receding chin. The last thing which a 26 year old guy wants is to wear metal braces so I decided not to take that option, but I am now starting to regret it as my chin is bothering me more than ever.

I feel pushing my lower jaw forward would have  helped to stretch out  the skin on the neck and eliminate my double chin... But that's just my theory I might be wrong? But that's in the past and I am now looking at other options besides jaw surgery... I am not really bothered by the position of jaw/chin but just the hanging skin underneath it. What is the best option to get rid of my double chin?   Thank you   Ricky

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Chin surgery or liposuction


I'd need to see a picture of your profile to give you more detailed information.

If your chin is small and you have ruled out orthognathic surgery, a genioplasty (moving the chin without moving the teeth) would help give you a stronger chin and would tighten the "double chin".  Addition of liposuction at the same time would likely give you the result you want.

Since you are young, I think a genioplasty would be a much better option than a chin implant, as the result would be more durable over time.

Hope this helps,
Dr. Hall

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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