Will Laser Hair Removal Help in Preventing Acne?

I know that the cause of acne is overactive sebaceous glands. If I get Laser hair removal, will the glands get damaged in the process? If not, is there anything that is permanent in shrinking these glands? Thank you.

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Laser hair removal will not prevent acne


Even with high dose Accutane, a strong medication which does shrink the oil glands, patients may require second or more treatments. Photodynamic Therapy, a laser therapy than can help reduce the bacteria in the pores may not permanently shrink the oil glands. Some of the light therapies may decrease some acne activity but will not prevent all acne. You have to consider this maintenance therapy.

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Laser Hair Removal wont do anything to sebaceous glands.


Thank you for your question.

Laser Hair Removal will help with acne only if that acne is due to hair growth. The prime example of this is acne in the beard, jawline, upper neck areas that are due to hair growth in women and ingrown hairs in men. Laser hair removal of any kind has no effect on sebaceous gland and oil production.

In order to decrease the activity of the sebaceous glands, you might have to resort to accutane (isotretinoin). It is the only medication that has an impact on sebaceous glands. You can also try benzoyl peroxide washes and tretinoin to somewhat dry out the skin and decrease the effect of the sebaceous glands, but to physiologically decrease their activity on a larger scale, you would need to do accutane.

Hope this helps!

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