Laser Hair Removal: Accuracy For Straightening Hairline?

Hi, i have had a single laser session (1 zap) to straighten the hairline above my forehead (male). After a week, I am noticing that the hair about 2 inches above the area also appears to be thinning quite considerably. How likely is it that my single session is affecting the surrounding areas, and is this permanent?! Probably a stupid thing for a guy to do, but the salesman was pretty convincing that only the treated area would be affected. What are your thoughts on the chances of regrowth??

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Laser Hair Removal Affects Treated Regions

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Thank you for your question. Only the treated area should be affected.  The region 2 inches away should be safe.  You should see a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon to assess your hair status. I hope this helps.

Laser hair removal should only affect the treated area

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I do not think that the laser should affect hair growing 2 inches above the treated area.  You may begin to have signs of male pattern baldness.  I don't know your age and I didn't see any photos but if it is from the laser, it should re-grow after only one treatment.

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