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Is it okay to use ice packs on incision site? (photo)

I've been using ice packs on my pons area because it feels better. I just had my drains removed today and there is still some slight bleeding, which I'm covering with gauze. Is it still ok to use the ice packs for relief and to keep the swelling down or will it in some way hinder the incision cite healing process? Picture is from today after drains were removed, 7 dpo

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Ice packs are usually OK if the skin is protected.

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Always follow your surgeon's advice, but generally it is OK to use ice bags or packs as long as the skin is protected from direct contact which can cause frostbite and slow healing. I actually had a woman's husband put blue ice packs beneath an elastic strap overnight, and when they woke up the next morning, blistered frostbite injuries were present on both sites. This took weeks to heal and months for the skin discoloration to fade. So be careful.

And ask your surgeon first. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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