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My face seems to get very red in the wintertime and I've been told this is rosacea - I am very fair-skinned. Does IPL or photo facial effectively treat this and how long will the redness stay away?

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IPL is an excellent choice for facial redness, and the fact that you are fair skinned makes the choice of doing a laser procedure even better since you are at low risk of complications. You will likely need a series of 6-8 treatments spaced a month apart each, and should place on being out of the sun immediately before and after these treatments.

Another very effective option is the flash-lamp pulsed dye laser (FLPD) at 585 or 595nm. The most current and effective FLPD laser on the market is the "V-Beam". This is the gold standard to facial vessels and rosacea, although, some would argue that IPL can give you very comparable results.

After you get your rosacea treated, the effect should last about 1 year plus or minus. It is NOT uncommon to have to return for yearly or even semi-annual touchups. Please discuss your laser and the treatment plan thoroughly with your physician before beginning your sessions. Best of luck!

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IPL Treatments Will Help Rosacea along with Medical Care from Dermatologist

IPL treatments are great for rosacea and the redness associated with it. They were created for removing red — and this is the perfect place to use it. Many say IPLs or the pulsed dye laser are sometimes considered the treatment of choice here. IPLs are a great choice for rosacea, either alone, but even better in combination with appropriate medical care given by a dermatologist.

Michael Gold, MD
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IPL for rosacea

IPL is a good treatment option for rosacea.  You may need several treatments one month apart from one another to see an improvement.  It may also be beneficial to use metronidazole in between IPL treatments. 

Sam Naficy, MD
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IPL Laser Rosacea


IPL is one of the better treatments for Rosacea.  Sometimes a topical antibiotic such as Metronidazole may be used in between IPL treatments.  It is important to avoid the triggers such as hot drinks, spicy foods, heat, cold, and sun.


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IPL for rosacea redness

IPL is an appropriate treatment for the redness of rosacea.  Most patients have triggers that activate their rosacea, such as alcohol, spicy foods, sun, heat and cold wind.  Avoidance of your triggers determines how long the redness stays away.  Consult your dermatologist for rosacea treatment.  

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IPL 2-3 times a Year Helps Keep Rosacea Under Control

When the appropriate settings are used on the right skin type, IPL can be very effective in improving the appearance of redness and blood vessels associated with rosacea. I most commonly use IPL for rosacea and get gratifying results. Unfortunately there is a component of rosacea that is genetic, as well as many triggers that can make it worse, therefore rosacea has an inherent tendency to want to recur.  At this time there is nothing that can change that. An IPL 2-3 times a year iswhat I generally tell my patients they may want to consider to keep their rosacea under control. I hope this helps!

Sabrina Fabi, MD
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IPL laser therapy and Rosacea

IPL is exceptionally effective at removing brown pigmented lesions such as age spots, sun spots, freckles and Melasma as well as diffuse redness such as rosacea leaving clearer, younger looking skin.  Make sure to keep your skin hydrated and protected with SPF 20 or higher.  Good Luck!

Philip Young, MD
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IPL is effective

IPL is effective treatment.  I usually have free consultation to see the patient and examine her for the severity and type of rosacea and to give advice on the proper laser or IPL treatment versus medicines or both.  The cost is about $250 per treatment.

Afshin Farzadmehr, MD
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Your skin will be improved....

Rosacea is a chronic long term condition that IPL or V-Beam can effectively treat by reversing some of the redness, but not permanently removing it. Your skin will be improved, but not made to look perfect.

IPL for rosacea

IPL or BBL is an excellent treatment option for persistent redness, easy flushing, and dilated blood vessels, features of rosacea. Typically a series of 4-8 treatments is required, with maintenance therapy every 2-3 years or as needed (less often if rosacea triggers are avoided and you have diligent sunscreen use).

Benjamin Barankin, MD
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon
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