Is GentleMax Laser the Best for Hair Removal?

i have several areas i want to remove hair from. i want to use only the best possible laser. is gentle max the best? if not, what is? thankyou v. much!

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The best lasers for hair removal

The GentleMax is actually two lasers in one. It is Candela's GentleYag (an ND:Yag laser) combined with their GentleLase (an Alexandrite laser). I have experience using several lasers for hair removal over the last nine years (from IPL to the LightSheer Diode and many in between) and I think that the best laser for hair removal on light skin is the GentleLase and the best laser for hair removal on dark skin is the GentleYag. Therefore, the GentleMax (which is really just both of these lasers combined into one box) would be an excellent choice.

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