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Can Infini Radiofrequency be used safely after Sculptra?

Can Infini RF be used safely after Sculptra? I have had Sculptra injections with good results in my cheeks and temples, ending approximately 6 weeks ago. I am now interested in Infini for subtle lifting/tightening in my lower face/neck and eye area (I'm 35 and just starting to see some minor laxity). If there is a risk that the Infini RF will adversely affect the Sculptra, would a better option be to limit the Infini to areas where Sculptra was not injected?

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Infini is great after Sculptra, I have done this without adverse effects

Infini is no problems after having Sculptra.  The Sculptra gives additional volume, while the Infini provides skin contraction, and improvement in wrinkles.  They work great together, both creating collagen.  The Sculptra also has lidocaine in it, making the Infini procedure more comfortable.  Please see my blog to get more information about the Infini.  I'm the largest user of this technology in the country and it is a very safe procedure.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon.

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