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Ima 21 Year Old Woman with Embarrasingly Large Nipples? (photo)

Im 21 years old with 34b breasts. but my nipples are very big and I find it embarrassing. I don't feel comfortable naked and have to wear padded bras all the time so they don't show through my clothes. also sometimes my areolas can slip out of my bra which is very embarrassing and has happened at work before. Is there any surgery I could undergo?

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Large areolas and prominent nipples: possible solutions

Hello Emmy,

Thank you for your question. It is not unusual to seek advise for a large areola and/or prominent nipples, although often patients become conscious following pregnancies and breast feeding. The solutions range from areola reduction (doughnut technique) to mastopexy (breast uplift) if the breast appear low and has a significant amount of skin laxity; with regards to the prominent nipples, nipple reduction is available and leaves a negligible residual scarring. Bare in mind that this might affect your ability of breast feed.

I would advice you to see a qualified plastic surgeon who will guide you to identify the right solution for your specific case.

Best of luck.

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