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Will HA Fillers Accentuate Undereye Darkness?

If I have a slight blueish appearance under my eyes, will hyaluronic fillers accentuate that, even if injected deeply? I'm considering this to fill a hollowing and because I can't afford the recovery time needed for surgery. However, if surgery was an option, would fat transfer, repositioning, etc. better conceal the darkness? Finally, why can't fillers be manufactured with tint? I am a male caucasian 50 years of age. I had an upper Blepharoplasty performed 2006 with good results. I also responded well to Juvederm to fill marionette lines on 2008.

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If the darkness is from hollowing, Restylane should help


Check the Lower Lid Restylane photos on my web site (link below). There you will see a man of your age with lower lid Restylane with a nice correction.  If you look like this, Restylane works better than surgery.

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