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How Much Does a TCA Peel Cost?

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Depends $100- $1600

TCA peels (9%) under our nurses are only $100, whilst if a specialist provides TCA and Jessner's or high strength TCA in areas such as the eyelids, under the eyes it can get up to $1600. This is due to the complexity, and talent of the treating physician, and includes all the follow ups- high strength peels require lots of follow up sessions. 

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TCA Peel Costs

The cost of a TCA peel will vary based on a number of factors including the percentage of the peel, the  area to be treated, the physician's pre-procedural skin care requirements, and your geographical location. A  full face TCA peel at the Sullivan Centre in Columbus, Ohio would cost about $1300.00 not including the recommended pre-procedural skin care regimen.

Michael Sullivan, MD
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TCA Peel costs vary according to strength and location

TCA peels vary alot according to location and strength. Light TCA peels such as 10-15% for the face will run about $250-350 each. 20-25% TCA face peels run about $450-600 each. 30-35% TCA peels for the face run $750-1500 each. If you are also doing the neck and chest with the face, then you can figure on doubling the price for all 3 areas. It is usually well worth it since it improves the skin so much.

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