How can I increase the chances that fat transfered to my breast will stay and not be dissolved?

After fat transfer to breasts what can I do to keep fat staying? And for how long? Eating lots? Not exersising much? Eating fat? Eating protein? that a big percentage of fat stays on my boobs. Also is it best to do brava system first? Thank you

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How can I increase the chances that fat transferred to my breast will stay and not be dissolved?

If you are comfortable with about a one cup size increase, fat transfer would be reasonable. If you want 2 or more cups, breast augmentation with implants would be better.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Helping Breast Fat Transfer Survive

I think the most important way to ensure that fat survives is to go to an experienced surgeon in this line of work.   It takes time to carefully remove the fat cells without causing undo damage.  It takes an efficient system to make sure the fat is not damaged or out of the body for too long.   It requires extreme patience to place each droplet of fat next to healthy viable tissue. Find the right surgeon in your area.  That is far more important than any dietary changes you can make.

Rodger Shortt, FRCSC
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Fat grafting survival

Increasing fat graft survival depends on the amount of fat grafted and how it is placed.  The BRAVA device has also been shown to significantly increase survival of grafts and can be a good option in some patients (especially those with tight skin).  Hope that helps!

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