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What is the Recovery Time for Voluma in Upper Cheeks?

Hi, I have recently - 3 days ago, had Juvederm Voluma in my upper cheeks to correct quite pronounced flatness. After 3 days they are very tender, & though no bruise is visable, seem quite pronounced and very hard. More so on one side. My Derm has advised they will soften, not to massage, but just leave well enough alone (and take arnica). I am very surprised at the hardness.. & a little worried! Is it possible that the size will indeed subside? Can bruising & swelling cause hardness? Thank you!

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If you think your healing or response to treatment is unusual...


Always go back to the doctor who did the treatment. If at that time you don't feel satisfied, and the doctor has looked at you---did not just talk to you on the phone-- then I would recommend getting a second opinion. You want a board certified dermatologist ( at least this is what is recommended in the United States, or plastic surgeon. The greatest advantage of Voluma is that it can be reversed with hyaluronidase (an injectable) which any experienced physician will have on hand.

Hope this helps you!

Washington DC Dermatologist
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Voluma is a much thicker filler than other HA's

Juvederm Voluma is a much thicker and more robust filler than other hyaluronic filler products which is why it is so effective for deflated cheeks and mid face rejuvenation. It is not uncommon for the cheeks to feel swollen after treatment and even a hardness in the treated area. The healing can take a few days to a week, so it is not uncommon to have swelling 3 day post-op. The side effects to look out at this point in time would be worsening swelling and redness, worsening tenderness, fever or any other signs of an infection. If your symptoms are getting worse, it is advisable to call your physician and have them evaluate the treated area.
Austin Dermatologic Surgeon
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Healing Process After Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm Voluma is an excellent volumizing filler for the cheek area and it will soften gradually over time.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Voluma for cheek lifting


Voluma is a great product for lifting deflated cheeks.  It gives lift because it is quite viscous.  The great news is that cheek correction can last for 2-3 years in certain cases.  The product can feel stiff under the skin for up to a week or more, and some tenderness is not uncommon -  lasting from a few days to a week.  If you are experiencing an increase in pain, associated with tenderness, redness or swelling, then you may have an infection and should contact your doctor.

Vancouver Dermatologic Surgeon

Tender Cheeks after Juvedrm Voluma Injection

I tell my patients that it will take a full 10 days to 2 weeks for the tenderness and swelling to subside after Juvederm injection, and for your final results to be apparent.  Tenderness at 3 days after injection is quite normal, as is the "firmness" that you're feeling.  Firmness can be felt with all hyaluronic acid products (Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane) initially, and Juvederm Voluma is the thickest of these products, so firmness at this stage is expected.  I agree- don't massage, just wait it out.  Incidentally, I also use Juvederm Voluma in the temples- to fill temporal hollowing.  With Voluma injection to the temple, an expected side effect is some initial tenderness when you chew.  
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Early swelling and hardness in the cheeks can occur 3 days post-op following Voluma injection

Most deeper plane injections can cause some brief swelling and firmness of the soft tissues of the cheek, and Voluma is a firmer filler than most, so it can cause slightly more that we are used to seeing.  Having said that, it can also be distributed irregularly or inaccurately, and this can cause firm lumps, asymmetry, and irregularity. Because these can be a normal thing early on, say in the first few days to a week and we don't have a good way of always telling the difference, I suggest that people be patient, use some ice to control any swelling, gently massage the areas of firmness or irregularity to promote both the resolution of swelling as well as the even distribution of the filler in the tissues (in contrast to your dermatologist), and if there is no improvement by a week, then follow up evaluation is indicated.  If the product was injected using a needle instead of a cannula, especially in the lateral cheek where there are a number of larger blood vessels, these could be punctured causing some bleeding into the tissues with resultant firmness, swelling, and irregularity.   While not a long term problem, this will cause the findings that you are seeing in the short term, and in some instances may take up to a few weeks to resolve.  There is no evidence that arnica lessens any of the effects of this, although it is quite frequently recommended and used, and it is certainly safe for most people if used as directed.  The main thing is to allow enough time for resolution of any swelling or short term tissues changes, and if that doesn't correct it, the filler should be adjusted.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Voluma Healing Process

Hi Alice,

Asymmetrical hardness and tenderness three days after Voluma injections may indicate a deep hematoma (collection of blood) that may manifest as a delayed bruise.  Voluma is injected deep under the facial muscles just over bone.  The size of the swelling should resolve as the hematoma resolves.  We usually recommend cold compresses for the first 48 hours after Voluma injections if there is any bruising.  After 48 for bruises we then recommend warm compresses.  It is best to have your injecting physician evaluate you for any concerns that you may have.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P 
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after Voluma Injection

As with any injectible filler there can be swelling, bruising, or mild soreness for several days and perhaps even longer.  As the inflammation from injection subsides the fillers become softer over time.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Voluma in upper cheeks


Juvederm Voluma is a terrific product for cheekbones for the majority of patients, although patient selection and physician experience and injection technique are critical. Be patient, the firmness should settle down within a week or so. Arnica or fresh pineapple can be helpful to minimize bruising; there may be a deep bruise that you don't see on the surface. Your dermatologist can, ideally after waiting 2 weeks or so, dissolve any Voluma if there should still be a problem using hyaluronidase. Although patients worry about this or that after injections, I find by 2 weeks, 99% of issues have resolved, so its worth being patient  ~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon
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Discomfort after Voluma


As with all fillers Voluma can feel a little tender afterwards for a few days. If you feel that something is abnormal it is critical you contact your injector to be sure that things are as expected. The beauty of Voluma is that it can be reversed in a matter of seconds if needed . This is rare to require reversal but it is nice to know especially for inexperienced injectors or patients who do not like their results. The key to good success is to start with the best injectors in your area.

Boulder Dermatologist
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