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What Will Happen if Under Go for Breast Augmentation 3 Times Within 13 Days?

My first implant was 300cc which I didn't choose. It didn't fit my body so I told my surgeon it's too high because of size. He recommended me I should under go for next surgery for make it down. After 1 week there was no difference at all so I decided to exchange it with 220cc. 13 th day after first surgery 3rd one made Incition is on armpit. Is this bring any side effect or it will take more time to heal than proper procedure?

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Situation Highly Unusual


Hi there-

I'm afraid you are describing a situation that, based on what you say, leads me to believe you chose your surgeon based on all of the wrong criteria (usually the lowest price or some marketing gimmick or another).

As I sometimes say to others, you are now likely to find yourself in the difficult situation of paying a lot more money to have things corrected (if this is even possible) by someone who knows what they are doing.

I'm sorry you are having this experience. 

My advice at this point, if you are still unhappy with your appearance, would be to await complete healing before pursuing another procedure. How to know when you're ready for an appropriate revision?

Find a surgeon Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (again, assuming yours is not based on your description of his behavior) and visit for an examination and review of your problem.

Good luck.

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Three breast surgeries in less than two weeks?


It is extremely unusual to have three breast surgeries within 2 weeks. Choosing the right implant for you is done before surgery. 

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The Third Time May Not be the Charm in picking the right size Breast Implant


At the risk of offending you, your situation is highly unusual and suggests a profound misunderstanding of Breast Augmentation surgery by both you and your surgeon who I suspect is not a trained and ABMSorg Plastic Surgery board-certified Plastic surgeon. 

A Breast Augmentation is NOT to be viewed like test driving a pair of shoes or a new dress. If you don't like your implants the day after surgery you can't simply go back and replace them. Acting on Buyer's remorse has no place in Breast Implant surgery. If your first and second breast implant choices were poor, WHY would a third be right on? If the third, and fourth are off as well, are you and your surgeon going to go for a fifth breast implant exchange prccedure? Why even bother stitching the breat surgical wounds, maybe your surgeon should speclalize in leaving zippers in to make such exchanges easier?

Would it not have been much easier to carefully sit down, plan and pick the best implant for you and do your Breast Augmenation once and do it well?

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Breast Augmentation and Revisionary Operations?


Thank you for the question.

From the medical/health standpoint,  assuming you are being taken care of by a well experienced board-certified  plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist,  in a fully accredited surgery center/hospital  you should do well despite multiple operations.  However, it is never a good idea to enter the breast implant pocket unnecessarily;  this exposes you to risks of infection, bleeding, possible encapsulation complications....

From the “indication for surgery” stand point,  it is unclear to me why you have needed several operations within 2 weeks.

You should be aware that a significant percentage of patients at your stage of recovery will feel that they are too big or (more commonly) too  small. It is much too early to evaluate the results of surgery. I would suggest you wait at least 2 to 6 additional months before you make any decisions regarding revisionary surgery.  This waiting time will allow you to (potentially) physically and psychologically adapt to the new body image.  

Please make sure you're working with a board-certified plastic surgeon  and make sure you communicate your goals clearly to avoid unnecessary surgery.

Best wishes.

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Early Breast Implant Revision


From a health standpoint, there is no harm in three breast implant surgeries in such a short time. However, your situation is highly unusual and the reason for these early revisions is very unclear. Short of a medical problem such as hematoma, revising breast implants for the sake of size before the swelling has subsided and they have settled into place is ill-advised. You will end up chasing a moving aesthetic target, which appears to be exactly what has happened. 

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Three trys at breast augmentation in 13 days


There is a big red flag with your situation. Many of us have been unfortunate to do an early revision, but surgery three times in 13 days raises suspicion. The second incision does not fit either. For anyone seeking implants, do a thorough review of board certification and experience before jumping in. Now you must allow time for healing, and consider a second opinion.

Best of luck,

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Is the third time a charm


Quite frankly, without seeing you and knowing your situation it is a difficult question to answer.  It sounds like you had 3 transaxillary procedures in 2 weeks.  The only time I would do any re-operation on a breast is for either a bloodclot (hematoma) or possible infecxtion.  I would allow you to wait several months to let the swelling subside and let the implant settle before going in to replace the implant.  I only hope you are happy with the current implant, but if not, please wait at least 3 months before doing anything.  Having 3 surgeries in such a short period of time will most definitely increase your healing time.

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