What Garment to Use Post BBL? Worried Mine Is Too Tight. (photo)

Im 16 days post-op. Wore garment for 5 days post-of & it came off on day 6 due to circulation problems in stomach. On day 14 it was back on but i feel it's too tight around my butt & Im afraid it may negatively affect final results. I'd like 2 hear the opinion of other surgeons. Should I keep same garment? Change to another one that puts less pressure on buttock area? What is the "stage 1 and stayed 2"? My doc has not mentioned such thing.Please read caption of photos for addtnl info (didnt fit)

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Brazilian butt lift and postop garments

In my patients I use a smooth soft garment with no zipper or clips. I don't like a tight garment but I like  the smooth garment. I think the garment does not have to be extremely tight to get a good result. And I think a garment may cause indentations in the skin and problems with the final result.

I think massage may even be more important than the garment. And my patience to do early massages have less pain and better results with more skin contraction. If your garment is making indentations in the skin and may be too tight and you may want talk to Dr. about this.

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Tight garments

In general, garments should be snug after liposuction but not after fat grafting.  For this operation, since you've had both then a good combination is important.  The garment you have looks great but sometimes I'll cut a hole out of the bottom from each side.  It relieves the pressure in the area and allows more perfussion to your newly grafted areas.  Hope this helps.

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
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Garments and Brazilian Butt Lifts

Garments are necessary for body contouring.  It helps redrape the skin over your core.  No garment should be excessively tight.  It should support and not strangulate.  Stage I and II garments are use to give different amounts of compression.  Stage one giving more compression than Stage II.  Your PS should be monitoring your response to your garments at your follow up appointments.  

Dr. ES

Garments post brazilian butt lift.

This garment you are wearing looks sufficient enough for you post brazilian butt lift. Keep in mind you need to keep the area's that you had liposuction compressed for best results. I recommend patients to wear Spanx post surgery. Best of luck in your recovery.

Jaime Perez, MD
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