I Have Bell Palsy and Can't Use Botox, What Options Do I Have for Wrinkles?

its around one months that a frown lines appears in my face , and i want to remove it. i have a bell palsy history and I can not use Botox. So please guide me how I can remove them with out botox injection during one months because my wedding is in 5th November.

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Wrinkle therapy

Hello. Without seeing a picture of where the wrinkles are and/or examining you, it's hard to say for certain what your options are. However, laser resurfacing procedures can often be done to improve the appearance of lines on the face even in patients who are not candidates for neurotoxin (e.g., Botox) therapy.  Chemical peels may also be effective, and fillers may help certain creases look less deep. None of these non-neurotoxin techniques should be contraindicated in a patient with Bell's palsy, to my knowledge. A consultation with a local board-certified plastic surgeon will help you know whether you are a candidate for laser treatment, fillers, or peels.
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Frown Lines treatment ,Bell's palsy, Botox

Thank you for your question.

  • Frown lines caused by action of the frown muscles and deteriorating elasticity of skin. Botulinum toxin injections can weaken action of the culprit muscles and smooth out wrinkles.
  • Bell's palsy affecting facial nerve on one side of the face normally causes temporary paralysis of the muscles supplied by that nerve. Botulinum toxin sometimes used on the opposite side to achieve visible symmetricityin such patients.
  • If your doctor told you that Botox is not a good idea in your case, you can use dermal fillers to smooth out the frown lines. Less viscous dermal filler is advisable for this purpose. You also can combine a chemical peel or Laser treatment with a Dermal filler in order to get overall improvement of skin quality before your big day.

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