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Possible to Get Forehead Liposuctioned?

I want to get my forehead liposuctioned, whether it be tumescent or smartlipo I know that getting my forehead liposuctioned will give me a more feminine look. Any doctor who does this procedure?

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Forehead lipsuction


I ahve never performed liposcution on the forehead. This is not an area that has significant fatty deposits. If you are concerned about frontal bossing, this is bony in nature and needs to be burred down.

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It is very unusual to have any amount of fat in the forehead that it would make a difference in its appearance with liposuction. Maybe you are referring to prominence right about your eyebrows. That is bone and can be "shaved" down to "soften" the appearance of that area.

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Only Fatheads can have they Foreheads liposuctioned..


Liposuction or more properly, Suction Assisted Lipoplasty, is the removal of fat under the skin with suction. Since the vast majority of foreheads do not contain localized pockets of fat, very few people would benefit from such a procedure. To complicate matters, the forehead has several blood vessels, nerves and muscles which control sensation of the forehead and scalp and facial expression. It would be extremely ill-advised to go back and forth in this location and risk injuring such structures. This procedure is not done for several reasons. You need to examine the motivation of any doctor who offers to do this procedure.

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Forehead liposuction would be a highly unusual request


I personally get uncomfortable when people ask for unusual surgeries like when they ask for surgery so they look more like their pet.  The bulk of requests to reshape the forehead are from transexuals looking to soften masculine features and transition to a more feminine appearance.  Unfortunately there is generally very little fat in the forehead to work with.  Surgeons who do these procedure make the change by burring down the bone of the forehead.  I would be very careful in looking for a particular procedure and rather focus on describing to an appropriately qualified surgeon what result you are looking to accomplish.

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